Chapter 6

Lab Activity 6.2.1

Step 1 : Observe DNS conversion

a. Click the Start button, select Run, type cmd, and then click OK. The command prompt window appears.
b. At the command prompt, type ping The computer needs to translate into an IP address so it knows where to send the Internet Control Message Protocol
(ICMP) packets. Ping is a type of ICMP packet.

d. IP address is shown on the screen =

e. tidak sama


Step 2 : Verify DNS operation using the nslookup command

b.  default DNS server being used is

g. the translated IP address is

h. sama


Step 3 : Identify mail servers using the nslookup command

c. server :, address :, aliases :

f. server :, address :



Lab Activity 6.2.3

Step 1 : Examine FTP from the command prompt

d.  append, ascii, bell

f. to send one file

g. get –> receive one file, send –> send one file, recv –> receive one file


Step 2 : Use a GUI FTP client or web browser



Lab Activity 6.2.4

Step 3 : Enter POP3 e-mail account information

c. (POP3) mail server

d. (SMTP) mail server


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